My Canada Hopper was pretty awesome… but many of you, dear readers, probably would have hated it… or at least hated where I slept.

Canada isn’t an overly cheap country to travel in, though with the exchange rate from the US Dollar, it is much better now than it has been for the past couple years. Part of the reason for booking this Canada Hopper was because it made my flights very inexpensive. I took 10 flights for 38,000 miles and about $200 in taxes, which is pretty fantastic considering Air Canada’s normal flight prices.

And I wanted to continue to keep my costs down… So, I spent 4 nights in airports (2 in YYZ and 2 in YYC), 3 nights in a hostel, 1 night at a B&B, 2 nights on a couch (CouchSurfing), and two nights in a car.

To do that all, my costs came to about $150 US. $100 for the hostel and B&B, and $50 for the car rental (that I would have paid for anyway). The rest of my accommodation was completely free.

It obviously wasn’t the most comfortable nor restful way to spend the trip… but that’s sometimes how I roll. I would rather have the opportunity to travel more often because I am able to keep my costs lower. Granted, I don’t often subject my friends to the same torture, so perhaps if we had been traveling together we would have classed it up just a smidge 🙂

On the bright side, I did get a massage on the last stop of my Canada Hopper!

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