2018 was my first complete calendar year as a full-time freelancer, and, as expected, it has been my most productive one. I flew 99,501 miles (160,131 km), or 4X around the globe! Sorry, Earth. My carbon footprint skyrocketed, unfortunately, but at the same time the planes would’ve flown regardless of my taking up one of the seats. In the future, I plan to make more land border crossings to eliminate some of my poor impact on the planet.


Image Courtesy of FlightMemory


Image Courtesy of FlightMemory

I managed to visit 13 countries, eight of which for the first time. I went to the Caribbean, to South America (for the first time), to Asia (twice), to Europe (twice) and to Australia (also for the first time). As it was a year of repeats, I hope to visit more new countries in 2019.

So, let’s recap some of the places I visited in 2018. Here we go!


Nassau, Bahamas


Seven-Mile Beach, Grand Cayman


Bogota, Colombia


Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia


Krakow, Poland


World Cup 2018, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Cala en Porter, Menorca, Spain


Andorra la Vella, Andorra


Maru Koala and Animal Park outside Melbourne, Australia


Hong Kong, China


Bagan, Myanmar

2019 travels start in just a couple of short weeks!