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It’s nice to finally meet you!

Well, here it is – my first post on Point Princess! I will take this opportunity to introduce myself.

Like Caroline mentioned in her introduction post for me, we met at the Chicago airport back in May. The day is still fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday. I had flown from the Cleveland airport to Chicago for a connecting flight to Frankfurt, Germany, and all I could think about was finding my gate so that I could take a much needed breather. My flight out of Cleveland nearly didn’t happen, as I was almost late for my flight, and I swear the TSA workers were playing a terrible joke on me. I took off my shoes, put my laptop in a separate bin, and happily raised my arms into the shape of a T so that I could get scanned. And lo and behold, my backpack was flagged. A TSA worker shouted out with a commanding bellow: “who does this backpack belong to?” As I walked out of the scanning area in my socks, I raised my hand and claimed it. Because the scanner detected something peculiar, I had to dig everything out, show the lady that my brown sugar at the bottom of my bag was harmless, and sprint to my boarding area.

So by the time I arrived at the Chicago airport, all I could think about was finding my gate and slouching heavily in an airport chair. I walked briskly to my gate and noticed a girl sitting by herself. Walking up to her, I whipped off my 30L backpack and exhaled a huge sigh of relief, as the girl chuckled sympathetically.

And this is where I met Caroline. We exchanged a few introductions and talked about our trips, both of us bright-eyed and thrilled for our ensuing adventures. And once Caroline informed me that she’d be in Frankfurt for 12 hours before her flight to Beijing, we both had a light bulb moment – we just HAD to explore Germany together once we landed.

After 8 hours, we landed in Frankfurt and headed out for what became one of the most exciting days of my entire life! We took a train to Mainz, walked around the city center, and took pictures of the beautiful scenery. Then we came across the Rhine River and made a spontaneous decision to buy tickets and hop on board – little did we know that this cruise would be a catalyst for an incredible friendship. Up the Rhine, we savored a traditional Rhineland breakfast and let our hand tangle in the moist breeze. In no time, we found ourselves hours away from the airport, when she only had a few hours before her flight. We hustled back to the airport just in time for her flight, and promised each other that we’d meet up months later after our trips – and here we are today.

I’m so excited that Caroline and I kept in touch. Today, we have a few projects going on that we are so stoked about.

Being a guest writer for Point Princess is an amazing opportunity and I’m so excited to get started!

I look forward to sharing this adventure with Caroline and getting to know all of her loyal readers!


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