Don’t you just hate it when your passport gets stamped on a random page at the back of your book?

Yeah, me too.

I have a ton of pages with only one or two stamps, which pretty much forced me to get a double set of pages added to my passport earlier this year so I didn’t run out of room for those pesky (but awesome!) full page visas.

But I found a solution!

Binder clips.

After I got pages added to my passport, it didn’t seem to want to stay closed, so I started using a binder clip to keep it closed.

Passport Stamp Solution: A binder clip!  Passport Stamp Solution: A binder clip!

On my next international trip, I simply clipped the remaining pages that I didn’t want closed so I wouldn’t lose the clip, and lo and behold, my passport got stamped in the correct place! Since then, I have tested it out on a few more trips to make sure that immigration officers wouldn’t have a problem with it, and so far I have no problems to report!

Give the passport stamp solution a try on your next international trip and let me know how it goes!