I love sushi. Some might say that it’s in my blood since my parents met at a sushi bar and I literally would not exist if it weren’t for sushi. I made a short visit into Tokyo in February and had a chance to check out a great sushi restaurant called Ichiyanagi. You’ll definitely want to make a reservation if you want to eat sushi here, and I highly recommend it! Here’s a photo of each piece of sushi that was eaten in my Omakase.

Where possible, I have included both the Japanese name and the English name of the fish.

Hirame – Flounder

Buri – Yellowtail

Tai – Seabream

Kue – Grouper

Toro – Bluefin Tuna

Chu Toro

O Toro


Gizzard Shad

Aji – Horse Mackerel

Sayori – Needle Fish

Kuruma Ebi – Prawn

Bufun Uni – Sea Urchin

Mirugai – Giant Clam

Tairagai – Hokaido Scallop

Anago – Eel

Murasaki Uni – Sea Urchin

Tamago – Egg

My meal at Ichiyanagi definitely ranks in my top five sushi meals ever!

Do you have a favorite sushi restaurant?