Disclaimer: Anya and I received 50% off this tour booking through Tinggly.com in exchange for a video and post about the experience.

One of the things on my must-do list when I visited South Africa was go cage diving with the Great White Sharks. Gansbaai, South Africa is one of the only places in the world that the sharks are viewable year-round. Luckily, Tinggly has a cage diving experience that we were able to book!

Booking was a little bit of a process simply because cage diving requires that the water not be too rough on any given day for the tour to actually happen. The day that we really wanted to go the water was, in fact, too rough, so no tours ran that day. The tour had also been cancelled the previous three days at that point. Luck was in our favor though, as we did get to go out on our second choice day!

Because the water had been so rough the four days before our cage diving experience, the visibility wasn’t great from the water to say the least. It was very tough to see the sharks from inside the cage even when they were very close. Luckily though, we got a great view of the sharks from the boat! They sure are majestic creatures.

Anya and I visited South Africa in late September, so it was very much still spring in the country. This meant that the water was quite chilly and the air didn’t do an overly good job warming us up either. Even so, it was a really fun half-day tour. I would love to dive with the sharks again in the future and hopefully have better visibility from the water!