I can’t believe that half of 2016 is over already! That means that it’s time to take a look at my June income report.

As a reminder – I publish my income reports to share that it is possible to become location independent. It’ll require hard work and making some sacrifices – so be prepared for that – but it’s possible. I didn’t get a chance during the month of June to publish my income reports from the second half of 2016, but I hope to get to that sometime in July or August. Those will go a long way to show that even though things are going pretty well right now, it wasn’t always so.

Remember that income is listed in the month received, not necessarily the month earned.

June 2016 Income Report

Affiliate Revenue – $31.88 (+$31.88)

Airbnb –  $980.63 (+$761.63)

Award Bookings – $592.37 (+$401.83)

Cash Back Promotions – $0 (-$480.98)

Freelance Writing – $6,225 (+$3,250)

Misc. – $80.15 (+$80.15)

Substitute Teaching – $0.00 (same)

Travel Agency – $0.00 (same)

Tutoring (online) – $0 (-$145.35)

Total: $7,910.03 (+$3,834.15)

June 2016 Reflections

First off: woah. June of this year has been the most I have made in a month since I started freelancing by about $2,000. That’s huge! Though, I know exactly why: I broke my leg at the end of April and worked my butt off in May because all I could do was sit on the couch in between my physical therapy appointments. I got paid for a big chunk of the writing that I did during the month of May at the beginning of June.

That said, at least I was able to make use of my time and pad my bank account a little bit. I’m writing this post from Tajikistan, where the internet overall has been less than stellar and it has made it a little bit difficult to get work done. I was expecting this ahead of time, so it was nice to make some extra money before my trip.

In the next few days I’m actually going off the grid for about a 10 day period of time. Something I have done as recently as… never. I went off the grid for about 2.5 days last summer while on a trek in Myanmar and occasionally take a day off to go hiking in the mountains, but as a general rule I am always connected. To the point where when my phone buzzes for a new email, I check it. Right away.

It’s kind of one of the necessary emails of the work that I do that allows me the flexibility to travel nearly as much as I want to, but it’s going to be good to unplug for a few days. Honestly, I think at first it is going to be a little bit stressful, and will definitely be stressful when I get back on the grid and see how many missed emails I have, but overall I am looking forward to it and think it will be good for me.

Overall, June was a great month, and I am liking the upward trends this year! I don’t expect to have another month that beats June this year, but we’ll see what happens! As long as I don’t have to break another bone to do it 😉