There are a lot of paid and unpaid hot springs in Colorado of varying degrees of difficulty to get to. Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado is a fine example of a hot spring ‘resort’ that you could relax at all day. I was too busy trying to jam-pack my time in Colorado to spend a whole day in the hot springs, but did have the pleasure of visiting for an evening in March. Here are a couple photos (sorry my phone camera doesn’t do well in low light or there would be more!), my thoughts, and everything else you should know about visiting Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Hot Spring Map

Probably my favorite thing about Iron Mountain Hot Springs is that there are a bunch of different pools and they are all different temperatures. The staff updates the temperatures of the pool on the map every day so you can choose one that you will be comfortable sitting in for a couple of hours.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Map


Iron Mountain Hot Springs isn’t a cheap place to visit. In the summer, expect to pay $25 per adult. During non-peak season you’ll get a $5 discount. Season passes are available for $275, but with so many other hot springs around I would have a hard time justifying paying that even if I lived close by! Of course, your priorities may differ from mine and Iron Mountain Hot Springs is definitely a nice place to spend a day or an evening.

Make sure to bring your own towel as there is an extra charge to rent one.


Iron Mountain Hot Springs is the nicest hot spring ‘resort’ I have been to in Colorado, by far. I generally prefer natural hot springs (that also tend to be free) but as far as paid/man-made/man-enhanced hot springs go, you really can’t beat how nice Iron Mountain Hot Springs is… very clean, a lot of pools, and the day I was there it wasn’t too crowded at all, though I can’t speak for summer or weekend crowds. The price to enter is comparable to other hot springs in the area that I think are less nice. Overall: very good value.


The best part about Iron Mountain Hot Springs is how easy it is to get to. Located right off of I-70 in Glenwood Springs, it’s only a small detour for anyone passing by on the highway. Glenwood Springs is about one hour from Vail or three hours from Denver. There’s a lot of other great things to do in and around Glenwood Springs, like hiking to Hanging Lake, so I would definitely recommend staying a day or two if you can.