February 2016 Income Report

Note that unless otherwise specified, all amounts indicated are pre-tax. Note also that payments are indicated in the month they are received, not in the month that work is completed. Parenthesis show change from the previous month.

Affiliate Revenue – $72.26 (-$0.42)

Airbnb – $369 (+$128.00)

Award Bookings – $755.17 (+$601.47)

Cash Back Promotions – $372.74 (+$261.50)

Freelance Writing – $1,293.78 (+$617.78)

Misc. – $146.65 (+$146.65)

Substitute Teaching – $0 (-$123.25)

Travel Agency – $20.50 (+$20.50)

Tutoring (online) – $493.20 (-$631.13)

Total: $3523.30 (+$1,023.28)

February 2016 Reflections

February was a pretty darn good month. In fact, it was the best month I have had in terms of income since I left my “regular job” as an engineer. The most notable things from this month are that my freelance writing increased to about double the number of articles per week that I was doing before. Additionally, one of the clients that hadn’t paid me since December 1 of last year finally closed out their invoice… and indicated that they are interested in working with me in the future. I told them yes, as long as they pay me up front for future work… We’ll see how that goes. The extra writing has taken a bit away from having time to substitute teach and online tutoring, but I am okay with that since my total income is up by more than $1,000 compared to January. Not a bad way to be starting out 2016!