I usually get my monthly income reports out a little bit faster than I did this month, but it’s been a busy month and I had other articles I wanted to publish first!

As a reminder – I publish my income reports to share that it is possible to become location independent. It’ll require hard work and making some sacrifices – so be prepared for that – but it’s possible. I didn’t get a chance during the month of June to publish my income reports from the second half of 2016, but I hope to get to that sometime in July or August. Those will go a long way to show that even though things are going pretty well right now, it wasn’t always so.

Remember that income is listed in the month received, not necessarily the month earned.

July 2016 Income Report

Affiliate Revenue – $40.00 (+$8.12)

Airbnb –  $627.00 (-$353.63)

Award Bookings – $40.38 (-$551.99)

Cash Back Promotions – $209.52 (+$209.52)

Freelance Writing – $4,425.00 (-$1,800.00)

Misc. – $0.00 (-$80.15)


Total: $5,341.90 (-$2,568.13)

July 2016 Reflections

July wasn’t a bad month, but it wasn’t a great month either. July was another full travel month for me. As such, I took on a little less work – mainly in the freelance writing and award booking categories. For the first time in…. forever (?) I also took two weeks completely off! Last summer I took three days off to do a hike, but other than that I am generally accustomed to working at least a little bit every single day. On a light week, I might take one full day off. It was very very weird for me to take that much time off, but I was traveling to a region of the world were internet was not in the slightest something I could count on. In fact, some nights I didn’t even have electricity! I knew this ahead of time and was able to plan for it and do a little bit of extra work before I went off the grid, but it wasn’t as much as I would have done if I had been working those two weeks.

During the two weeks in July that I was on the grid, I spent a fair bit of time working on developing some new opportunities. This also contributed to spending a little less time working on freelance, but I hope that it will lead to some fun future projects and income potential!

Overall, I’m not displeased with how this month went. Even though I made significantly less than I did in June, it was still a solid amount that I brought in, especially considering the amount of time I spent off the grid!

Just an interesting little note from my records: in the past 12 months I made just over $40,000. During 2016 to date, I have made almost $34,000. This is another way to look at how painfully obvious it is that 2015, the first year I really worked on my freelance business, was a tough year. I’m looking forward to seeing what the last five months of 2016 hold for me and continuing to see my freelance business grow over the coming years!