As a reminder – I publish my income reports to share that it is possible to become location independent. It’ll require hard work and making some sacrifices – so be prepared for that – but it’s possible. I finally reached the point a few months ago that everything started coming together and I realized I could truly make this lifestyle a long-term thing. Before that, there were many months spent floundering.

Remember that income is listed in the month received, not necessarily the month earned.

October 2016 Income Report

Affiliate Revenue – $78.92 (+$22.78)

Airbnb –  $709.13 (+$394.50)

Cash Back Promotions – $0 (-$650)

Freelance Writing – $6,652.80 (+$1,041.11)

Travel Bookings – $364.21 (+$235.98)

Total: $7,805.06 (+$1,033.37)

October 2016 Reflections

October was a very good month. In fact, it was my second best month ever! Just barely trailing June 2016. My freelance writing tick up basically comprised the entire increase in income this month, though everything else was also up other than my cash back promotions.

I was out of the U.S. for the entire month of October, so I’m really quite surprised that I was able to have such a good month as I tend to work slightly less when I am traveling.

Last month I shared that I was considering doing quarterly income reports moving forward into 2017, but I think I’m going to try to stick with monthly income reports for another year. I want the ups and downs to be visible because that is a huge risk when freelancing. I do also want to start including some of my expenses. I do have a few contractors that do various tasks for me (like video editing). I do also pay for some of the tours, flights, etc, that I write about.

It’s always a tough line for me to draw between what is work and what isn’t and what’s a work expense and what isn’t. The way I have done this in the past is by asking myself if it was something I would be doing or spending money on anyway – but it really isn’t so cut and dry. I want to attempt to reflect this in my income reports in 2017 to give you all (and myself!) more of an idea of the big picture.

Is there anything else you would like to see me add in 2017?