As a reminder – I publish my income reports to share that it is possible to become location independent. It’ll require hard work and making some sacrifices – so be prepared for that – but it’s possible. I finally reached the point a few months ago that everything started coming together and I realized I could truly make this lifestyle a long-term thing. Before that, there were many months spent floundering.

Remember that income is listed in the month received, not necessarily the month earned.

September 2016 Income Report

Affiliate Revenue – $56.14 (-$81.26)

Airbnb –  $314.63 (+$54.38)

Award Bookings – $128.23 (+$20.08)

Cash Back Promotions – $650.00 (-$1,739.04)

Freelance Writing – $5,611.69 (+$886.69)

Total: $6,760.69 (-$858.43)

September 2016 Reflections

September has been another really solid month. My freelance writing business really has become my main source of income at this point, which is really great. I have a lot of things that I have put on the back burner because I simply don’t have time for them right now – that is, unless I want to go back to working 50+ hour weeks. Which I don’t.

I have decided that at the end of 2016 I will no longer be publishing monthly income reports. Rather, I will be publishing quarterly income reports in 2017 and will make a really solid attempt to include my expenses as well so I can give a more full picture of what being a freelancer, and a location independent on at that, is like. Since I only post 1-2 times a week on here, it will give me an opportunity to provide more content about the places I travel and how it is possible to travel on a budget-friendly basis. Which, for me, is the main purpose of being able to work remotely anyway.

If/when I have any major developments in my freelance business, I’ll try to address those in individual articles.

For the rest of 2016, this post is going to stay the same as it has for the rest of the year! It’s been really valuable to me to see things change from month to month and I wish I had started doing this sooner when my income was much lower than it is now.

What do you think about me publishing quarterly income reports including expenses instead of monthly?