I can’t believe that the month of September is already half way over and I haven’t gotten this out yet!

As a reminder – I publish my income reports to share that it is possible to become location independent. It’ll require hard work and making some sacrifices – so be prepared for that – but it’s possible. I finally reached the point a few months ago that everything started coming together and I realized I could truly make this lifestyle a long-term thing. Before that, there were many months spent floundering.

Remember that income is listed in the month received, not necessarily the month earned.

August 2016 Income Report

Affiliate Revenue – $137.40 (+$97.40)

Airbnb –  $260.25 (-$366.75)

Award Bookings – $107.43 (+$67.05)

Cash Back Promotions – $2,389.04 (+$2,179.52)

Freelance Writing – $4,725.00 (+$300)

Total: $7,619.12 (+$2,277.22)

August 2016 Reflections

August was a pretty good income month, played in huge part by the fact that I received various payouts from “cash back promotions.” This category includes anything from shopping portal payouts to cash back payouts from credit cards. Any points earned through credit cards that aren’t redeemed for cash aren’t included, however.

I do participate in some manufactured spend in order to earn money through my credit cards like this. Manufactured spend means spending money on a credit card that you are later able to turn into cash to pay off that credit card. Manufactured spend is something that has gotten increasingly difficult over the past couple years, and I won’t be going into the details about how I do this on my blog, but a simple google search will come up with thousands of hits.

Outside of the cash back promotions payouts, it was is turning into a pretty standard month for me. I did also start a new writing gig for UpgradedPoints in the month of August, but did not receive my first payment from them until the end of the month. I am excited to see my freelance writing income increase over the coming months due to the new gig!