On my recent trip to Egypt, scuba diving in Dahab, in the Red Sea was high on the priority list. It had been a while since the last time I had been diving, and I didn’t want to go much longer and forget too much, and I had also heard that the diving in Egypt was amazing.

It was.

We dove out of Dahab, which is a pretty famous diving location because of the infamous Blue Hole there (not to be confused with the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize).

Deep Blue Divers was the dive shop we chose to dive with, and Ayman, our Dive Master Guide, was fantastic! One really great offering that they have at the time of writing this post is 600 Euro per person (dual-occupancy) for round-trip airport transfer, 7 nights at what used to be the Hilton Dahab, and 10 dives including rentals. I’m really hoping that I have a chance to make it back there sometime soon — especially since the exchange rate to the Euro is so good right now! I would highly recommend Deep Blue Divers for any diving in Dahab and I will definitely be diving with them again when I make it back! If you mention my blog, they are willing to offer 5% off your booking.

I did three dives in one day, and they were great. One thing that makes Dahab stand out in my mind was the fact that the diving was shore access. I don’t mind boating out to a reef, but just being able to walk straight into the water and be at a reef in a couple minutes is pretty amazing.

dahab dive sites


There are so many different dive sites along the coast near Dahab. We dove at El Mashraba and Lighthouse Reef, and I would definitely like to dive many more of the sites available.

As part of the dive excursion we rented a camera, since it was my friend’s first time diving. My parents have photos from my first time diving on the wall at home… and I figured it was a worthwhile expense. We definitely have some gems of photos that were taken during the day!