March 8 – 14

This was another week full of travel, both actually traveling, and booking future travel! Which partially explains my sucky-ness at posting, because we all know that I suck at posting while I’m traveling… (or you do now anyway!)

Anyway, travel and travel booking filled weeks are the best kinds of weeks. I started off the week in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, with a morning flight to Cairo. Man, airports in Egypt are CRAZY with security. I think in Sharm El-Sheikh we went through security three times. Based on our arrival time into Cairo, it made sense to take a break in the afternoon and appreciate the view of the pyramids from our hotel – the Le Meridian Pyramids Resort and Spa. The pyramids were the best part about the hotel, other than the view, the hotel was entirely unimpressive. 

We spent the next two days in and around Cairo, covering the Egyptian Museum, Coptic Cairo, the Pyramids, and the Citadel, and then we began the journey home via Abu Dhabi. We spent the night in Abu Dhabi, but didn’t have time to do anything even though the layover was about 11-hours because it was overnight. While on my layover in Abu Dhabi, I booked a Durian Tour for this summer, because I’m obsessed with durian. I couldn’t be more excited! 

And then a lot of flying ensued…. Abu Dhabi to Chicago and then onto NYC. The flight from Abu Dhabi to Chicago was painfully long, at 14+ hours, though I did discover Big Bang Theory Season 7 (the season I haven’t seen yet!) on the in-flight entertainment system, and watching 9 episodes definitely helped pass the time.

The trip to NYC was inspired by a friend who lives in New Zealand visiting NYC on her way to move to London. We met while traveling around Europe in 2011, and haven’t seen each other since. We focused on seeing New York in a relatively cost-effective manner, which is definitely not the easiest thing to do in a city with so many good restaurants, shows, and shopping. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out what we saw and did to keep our costs down!

Weekly Stats

Flights taken: 4

Miles flown: 9,722

Days away from home: 7