A new series to keep track of and re-live my travels right after they happen, I am introducing Point to Point. Point to Point is a summary of my weekly travel, and possibly other interesting tidbits. As of now, the exact formatting is definitely a work in progress, but here’s a first attempt. Bear with me and enjoy!

Sunday March 1

I flew from Austin, TX to Chicago, IL after attending the Austin DO. I was, for once, pretty excited that my flight left at 6am, even though I had stayed up until 2am, because of the impending bad weather which did end up canceling quite a few flights later in the day. I hung out in Chicago with a couple friends until my flight to Cairo via Abu Dhabi that evening.

Monday March 2

I’m not entirely sure what happen to this day… between the time changes between Chicago and Abu Dhabi, I was only not on a plane for a couple hours of it.

Tuesday March 3

I flew from Abu Dhabi to Cairo, landing in Cairo around 3:30am. It was fun trying to negotiate with taxis at that hour of day. I was traveling with my friend, Aaron, and eventually we managed to get a good price and headed to the train station for our train to Luxor… more on that one in a future blog post! We arrived in Luxor late in the evening.

Wednesday March 4

Doing the Luxor tourist thing all day.

Thursday March 5

More of the Luxor tourist thing, and then a flight from Luxor (LXR) to Sharm El-Sheikh (SSH). More negotiating with taxis… this one was even more fun! And then an hour and a half long drive to Dahab via convoy. Oy. Oh, and why not climb Mt. Sinai, departing from Dahab at 11pm.

Friday March 6

Yes, that happen. We climbed all night and man was it cold at the top! Good thing there were blankets for rent! Back to Dahab and sleeping time in the afternoon!

Saturday March 7

A fantastic day of scuba diving in the Red Sea! Aaron’s first dive ever and my first in a year and a half! Can’t wait to share some photos from the dives.

Weekly Stats

Flights taken: 4

Miles flown: 9,923

Days away from home: 7


Feel free to suggest anything you’d like to see included in my weekly stats! (Or anything at all really!)