Some of you may have seen a sneak peak of my super fat looking passport in a post from earlier today… well, here it is again!

I was starting to run a little low on pages, and still have quite a bit of traveling planned this year. Plus, those full page visas eat up space fast! I knew I was going to run out of pages by early next year at the latest, so my two options were to get a new passport, or to add passport pages. Since my passport is still valid for over 6 years, that was kind of a no-brainer.

However, Rapid Travel Chai reports that starting in 2016 you will no longer be able to add extra pages to your passport after initial issuance.

The longest amount of time I will be home for the rest of the year consecutively is about 3 weeks, so regular service is not an option, and even doing the normal mail expedited service made me kind of nervous, so I decided to take my passport into an agency.

Detroit is the closest agency to me, so I signed up for an appointment time and headed in. It was a pretty painless process, I had to check in and they made up my application was filled out correctly, then I went up to another window to hand everything over. I don’t think they get many people who are asking for a double extension of pages… they guy kept asking me if I was sure I wanted that many 😛 I had the option to come back to pick my passport up, or to have it mailed to me, and I elected to have it mailed to me since it was estimated by the end of the week (which gave me a whole week of buffer, this stay home is only 2 weeks). The passport ended up arriving back to me just two days later!

Cost: $82 for new pages, $60 expedite fee, $14.85 shipping

When you go into an agency you always have to pay the expedite fee. Some agencies require proof of travel to process your application there, but Detroit does not require that. If it is an absolute emergency, some agencies can process applications even faster (like, that day), but you definitely will need proof of travel if you are asking for that.