In case this hasn’t been made obvious already, I tend to decide where I’m going based on the fare. Earlier this year, there were some pretty decent fares to Central America popping up, and Jeff the Wanderer, who writes Indulge the Wanderlust, and I decided to plan a short hop down to Guatemala after the Chicago Seminars. He decided to go for 3 days because of work, but I figured I should stay a little longer, and decided that 5 days was going to have to work this time around. On to Antigua Guatemala costs…

I’m actually a bit amazed at how little money I spent, because food was not cheap in Antigua, at least compared to other places I have visited in Central America. I did snag a birthday gift for my mom while I was there (shhh!), but elected not to include that in my cost summary.

Boots from Guatemala

My awesome boots from Guatemala!


Antigua Guatemala Costs Summary

Category Cost
Airfare $360.10
Activities $10
Boots [They’re awesome] $45
Food/Drinks $83.92
Hostel (2 nights) / airbnb (3 nights) $57.50
Transportation $32.50 + 1,500 Amtrak Points
Total Cost $589.02 + 1,500 Amtrak Points
Total Cost Per Day (5 Days) $117.80/day