Hyatt Diamonds are eligible to receive a welcome amenity during their stay. At checkin, you have the option to chose between bonus points and a food and beverage amenity. I always choose bonus points, but noticed a problem with stays at Hyatt Place hotels. The Hyatt Place bonus point amenity is 500 points, but there is an amenity points problem during the Hyatt Diamond Challenge that as far as I know, only affects Hyatt Place hotels.

For some reason, the systems at the Hyatt Place don’t recognize that your status has been upgraded to Diamond. I have the Hyatt credit card, so my status previously was Platinum. I received all benefits like I was a Platinum.

I stayed at three different Hyatt Place hotels during my Hyatt Diamond Challenge. At the first hotel, I didn’t notice anything weird until I was checking my points that posted. There was no amenity bonus. I tweeted to Hyatt and they went in and added it retroactively. They even gave me an extra 250 points, which was nice.

A retroactive amenity bonus was added to Point Princess' account

Hyatt Adds a Retroactive Amenity Bonus


At the second Hyatt Place during checkin I noticed on the screen that my status level said Platinum and I tweeted to Hyatt.

Point Princess sends a tweet to Hyatt

Point Princess Tweets to Hyatt about Potential Problem


They responded indicating that their system showed that I do have Diamond status. I mentioned how I had seen Platinum status on the computer screen, and they said they would investigate further.  After I left the hotel I made sure to follow up with my points on my account, and the amenity bonus did not post that time either. Another quick tweet to Hyatt and I had another 750 retroactive amenity added to my account.

At the third Hyatt Place I stayed at I was paying extra close attention. I noted, again, that Platinum displayed on the computer. Additionally, a couple days after I checked out I got an email from Hyatt thanking me for my stay.

Platinum status indicated in email from Hyatt Place

An email from the Hyatt Place Chicago/Itasca indicates that their system shows a status discrepancy


Notice the status? Platinum. There is definitely an inconsistency with Hyatt’s system.

I don’t know if this problem only applies to Hyatt Places, stays during the Diamond Challenge, people who previously had Platinum status, but I do recommend that if you stayed at a Hyatt Place recently that you double check that your Diamond amenity bonus posted correctly. If not, it’s an easy problem to fix, just tweet or email Hyatt.

Let me know in the comments if you have experienced anything with points posting for Hyatt stays.