Trapped in a room with an hour to get out. This is the premise behind escape games — solve the puzzle and you escape, the more clues you gather along the way the higher your score is.

I first learned about Escape Games in January from a friend. She had traveled to Europe the previous summer where the games are already a fairly popular activity. As with anything, if it becomes popular in one area, people look to expand it to other areas of people with similar interests. 

Over the past few years, escape games have been popping up across the US. I had my first chance to try an escape game in San Diego last year, and absolutely loved it. That’s why when I was in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago I jumped at the opportunity to do another game and introduce a friend to the concept. 

You are on an elite team of fellow CIA agents assigned with the task of gathering incriminating evidence from the office of international business man, Mr. Dupree. Our Intelligence team could only get you into Mr. Dupree’s office for 60 minutes. YOU must get out before Mr. Dupree returns or the case is blown! Collect evidence of specific illegal activity, solve the puzzle and escape the room before you’re caught!

Escape MSP is located a bit outside of the city center. It is easily accessible by bus or car, and there is plenty of parking available. We utilized Car2Go to get there from downtown because the bus schedule didn’t work out well with our timing for the day. 


There are generally two different types of ways the group for an escape is organized. In one, it is only the group you sign up with, and the group can be any size usually up to 10. In the other, there are a set number of slots for the room, and you register for the ones you need for your group; the rest are filled by strangers. Escape MSP followed the second case. I was very curious to see what this would be like, as the last escape I participated in was just a single friend and myself. I was actually surprised at how well our team worked together and how fun it was working on an escape with a group of strangers — it was a great ice breaker. I definitely would have felt comfortable going out with the group for drinks afterwards!

Now, I can’t give you any clues to get out of the room, but I was allowed to take a few photos after the fact! 


Escape MSP has a second room currently available for escapes, and a few more under development. Here are a few photos from their second room with a James Bond theme. I’ve heard that you start off the Bond escape handcuffed — which sounds like quite the challenge to me! I would highly recommend visiting Escape MSP on your next visit to Minneapolis or if you’re not visiting Minneapolis anytime soon, I would definitely recommend checking out another escape game in a city near you. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon and a great way to get to know your friends better and make new ones!