I love deals, and the ultimate deal I can image is a mistake fare to a far-off destination. I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to get in on quite a few mistake fares for travel in 2015, in addition to some generally good deals. I’m also lucky that my work and school are about 95% remote, so I can travel to places with decent internet connection as much as I want.

Here’s where I’m going the rest of the year and the fares that will be getting me there.

Barranquilla and Cartagena, Colombia (46)

$250 round trip on Copa.

Iceland (47)

$200 one-way on WOWair.

Germany, Slovakia (48), and Hungary (49)

I’ve been to Germany before, but I’m going to Oktoberfest and then visiting new countries. $157 one-way from Iceland and then 30,000 United miles and $81 return to the US on Lufthansa.

Mumbai, India (50)

$291 roundtrip on Etihad.

Jamaica (51)

Two people for $620 ($310 per person) on Southwest. Not the greatest deal in the book, but my Southwest Companion pass is about to expire and I wanted to get a couple good trips out of it before it does!

Nicaragua (52), Honduras (53), Guatemala, El Salvador (54), and Belize (55)

I woke up one morning to a $300 Central America fare on American originating in Detroit; couldn’t pass that up. Decided to turn it into a month of work/travel/school/learning Spanish in Central America.

Overall, I spent about $1,500 and 30,000 United miles and am that much closer to my goal of eventually visiting every country!