In my spare time, I work for Award Magic (I partner with them for award bookings too). We’re looking to bring on a couple more bookers in the coming weeks.

So, if you like booking awards, and you’d like a flexible way to make some more money, I invite you to complete this award booking challenge!

Booking Specifications

300,000 Amex Miles

110,000 United Miles

250,000 American Airlines Miles

2 people in Business Class

Want to travel to Asia for two weeks in February with two different destinations departing from Boston or nearby. Definitely want to travel to Kuala Lumpur, and open to any other destination in Asia, as long as it is warmer than 60 degrees during the day.

To Apply

Send an email with the subject “ATTN: Caroline – AM Booking Challenge” to Please let me know what availability you find, including how many miles, what the taxes and fees are, and what airlines you would recommend for this person. Also write a paragraph about your process in searching for this award, and another few sentences about yourself.

Note: This booking is hypothetical, just send some options along and don’t get caught up in what the couple would/wouldn’t want to do (they don’t exist). We’re just looking to see your process.

Deadline: Friday August 21 at 8PM EST