The last couple days have been more relaxing than many of my days are. Don’t get me wrong though, I worked a bunch. You see, I got invited to tag along with some friends to Phuket, Thailand… but since one of my friends is also my business partner, traveling together always means a bit of work (which is a good thing since it seems that we’re rarely in the same country at the same time). We had a productive yet relaxing few days, which leaves me nice and energized for my next adventure…. THE DURIAN TOUR! More on that next week 🙂

I also decided I need to start working to plan the second half of my Europe Trip for later this year. I know I’m going to Iceland for 4 days, and then on to Germany for 6 days of beer-related activities in Munich and the surrounding areas. After that I’m splitting off from the rest of the group and traveling for about 10 more days. I want to visit countries I haven’t been to before, and I’m thinking I’ll head to Slovakia and Romania… but I’m open to suggestions for anything to do in Eastern Europe! Do you have a favorite country, city, or cuisine? I’d love to hear about it.