Since getting a Kindle I’ve really kicked up my reading, and I’ve read a couple really good books over the past three months! Here are my top books I’ve read over the past three months.

The Alchemist

If you love traveling, this is seriously a must-read book. Over two million copies have been sold around the globe, so that probably gives you some idea of just how awesome of a book this is. I felt that I could relate to Santiago, the main character, throughout the book… and I think this book really breaks down the human-ness of the desire to travel. Honestly, it’s probably one of my favorite books I’ve ever read.

Gone Girl

If you’re looking for a page turner, this is the book for you. It’s one of those books where you’ll probably start reading it, and then you’ll keep saying “just one more chapter!” until all of a sudden the book is finished. I started reading this on an Amtrak from Ann Arbor to Chicago with the intention of getting some work done after reading two or three chapters… well, pulling into Chicago I was just finishing up the book. If you like suspense and mystery you’ll enjoy Gone Girl.

Trail of Broken Wings

If you have Amazon Prime, you are able to choose one ‘Kindle First’ book for free each month. ‘Kindle First’ is a selection of four new or relatively new books, and this was the book that I choose in April, 2015. Travel is somewhat a theme of this book, as the main character is a travel photographer, but it goes a lot deeper than that. The book is dramatic and somewhat sad at times, mainly stemming from how the three daughters in this family of five were treated so differently as they were growing up. It caused one daughter, in effect, to run away, one to become a very strict mother to her own daughter, and the third to be loving and warm just as she always had been, or had she?