Well, last night when I got home at 11PM, I was scrambling to get a few nights booked to burn as many of the rest of my Club Carlson points as possible before the midnight deadline. Well, I got through nearly all of my points, and realized this morning that booking the bonus credit card night still seems possible! Likely, the devaluation will actually take place tonight at midnight. Either that, or Club Carlson had more trouble implementing this change than they were expecting.

Either way, you have more time to book your Club Carlson properties with the last night free benefit from the credit card! I sure wish I knew this late last night 😛

I booked three hotels with my remainder points. Four of the six nights that I booked I’m fairly certain I will be able to use, the last two of the six I’m not nearly as sure, but if I can use them it presents amazing value.

Here’s what I booked

I am definitely going to Europe in September/October this year, and am planning to spend time in Slovakia and Hungary, so those two nights are likely to be used. These hotels aren’t overly expensive (70-100 Euro/night) but 9,000 points is so much better!

The last hotel I booked was the Radisson Blu in Zambia. I am far from certain that I am going to be able to stay there, but it is fully refundable until the day before the stay. I am planning to go to Africa for a while next summer, partially in conjunction with my MBA program, and Zambia is a reasonable country for me to get to in terms of location and visa requirements.

Spend as many of your Club Carlson points as possible before the last night free benefit goes away for good!