Need help using your frequent flyer miles to book award travel? You’re in luck! I have partnered with Award Magic.


Award booking services definitely aren’t for everyone, and they’re not your best bet for every itinerary.

Who they’re great for: people who don’t have a lot of time to book award tickets, people who have a lot of frequent flyer miles (business travelers, I’m looking at you!) but haven’t keep up on all of the changes and nuances of each program.

What they’re great for: complicated itineraries, when you can’t find saver space, when you don’t want to spend 4 hours searching BA segment by segment.

There’s a theme here. Award booking services are great for time intensive itineraries. For a small fee, you can outsource all of that time intensive searching, and you only pay if the service is able to find something that you are happy with.

Award Magic charges $159 for a basic itinerary, and $269 for a “Magic Award” which include round-the-world and multi-stop or multi-booking itineraries.

Just today I spent about 2 hours trying to piece together a hopper itinerary with ANA Miles before their program changes to not allow 4-stopovers… and that would be a great itinerary for me to outsource.

All you have to do is fill out the from below. You can also always find the link to this form on my Award Booking page in the top right of my site.