Wifi Map (Android, iOS) is an app that crowdsources free wifi (and passwords!). I know when I’m on the go, it’s often important for me to find free wifi.

When you launch the Wifi Map app on your phone, you will be asked for permission to share your location. You are also able to search for a specific location.

The free version of the app only allows you to see free wifi within 1.2 miles of your current or searched location, but the pro version only costs $4.99. The pro-version also lets you save maps and access them offline, which is great for traveling outside of the US if you don’t pay for international cell coverage.

Since I do a lot of work on the computer, this will be really great for when I’m traveling and don’t want to create a hotspot with my phone, or for those times that the hotel wifi is really slow.

HT: Lifehacker