I am far from done booking 2015 travel, but so far the trips I have planned have been shaping up really nicely! Let’s take a look….

January 2015

I’m in Southeast Asia through mid-January. I spent the new year in Kep, Cambodia… one of my absolute favorite places, and then continued to Siem Reap with a friend. We are now in Penang, Malaysia, after spending one night in Kuala Lumpur. I’ll be in Malaysia for a little over a week and then I will head to Singapore for a few days for the Singapore DO before heading back to the states.

My time at home will be pretty short-lived, since I am attending the New York Times Travel Show from Jan 23-25 as part of my involvement with the Travel Education Network.

February 2015

February is a little lighter on the travel with [so far] only a work trip to Phoenix and a few days spent skiing in Colorado. I try to make it to CO to ski every year with my cousin, and this year we are planning to ski two days at Steamboat and two days at Winter Park… those will be two new mountains for me! At the end of the month I will head to Austin, TX for a couple days for the Austin DO.

March 2015

March is looking to be very busy… will I be home at all? Not sure yet. The month starts out with a 10-day trip to Egypt, likely followed by a week in Costa Rica, and then immediately heading out for a work trip in Denver. If all happens as it currently looks like it’s going to, I won’t spend a second at home from Feb 26 until March 26!

April 2015

So far April just has work trips. A long weekend in Atlanta is all that is currently on the books. Tentatively, I’m hoping to go visit a friend who is teaching English in Equator this year.

May 2015

May is another travel heavy month, beginning with a 2-week trip to Ireland with a couple friends. On the return, I will head straight to Miami for a work trip for a few days. A week later I have another work trip in Dallas.

June 2015

June starts off with a trip to Bloomington, Indiana for a week-long class for my MBA. Last summer’s class was so busy, so I know I won’t be getting any sleep! After that off to Washington DC for work.

July 2015

So far July just has a trip to Phoenix for the F2B Phoenix Sessions on the books. I plan to stay in Arizona for a week or so afterward to do some hiking, though I realize it’s just about the hottest time of year for that!

August 2015

Nada… yet!

September 2015

At the end of the month I head to Reykjavik, Iceland for a long weekend and then to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest has been a bucket list item of mine for a while now, so I’m extra excited about that. Ich bin lernen Deutsch just for the occasion! (But give me a few months!) After spending some time at Oktoberfest I hope to travel around Europe for a week or two.

October 2015

I don’t know when I’ll be heading back from Europe yet, but I do know that I’m flying to Mumbai, India with Marissa on October 26th! We will be staying into…

November 2015

We fly back from India on November 11th, and as of now the rest of the year is wide open!


Do you have suggestions for some places I should add to my travel schedule for 2015?