I wanted you to meet Marissa, she’s going to be doing some writing here on Point Princess!

Marissa and I met in the airport of all places. Chicago O’Hare to be exact. We were both on a United flight to Frankfurt; she was spending the summer in Germany, and I had a 12 hour layover at FRA before I continued on to Beijing. We took a quick trip out of FRA¬†that nearly resulted in me missing my flight. You know how you just have those experiences that cause you to click with another person very quickly? Yeah, it was one of those. We’ve stayed in touch since.

Meet Marissa!

Marissa and I on an impromptu Rhine River cruise on our trip out of FRA for the day.

Marissa currently lives in North Las Vegas and writes her own blog, Tiny Pilgrim, among other things. You can read her account of our day in Germany here.

I hope you all are looking forward to reading some of Marissa’s posts, I know I am!