In the U.S. tipping at restaurants is a very common practice, but what about tipping at hotels? This has become quite the hot topic recently with Marriott including tip envelopes in hotel rooms.

At a recent hotel stay in Savannah, GA, a friend and I engaged in a discussion about tipping at hotels when our housekeeper left a note with her name on it. Should a tip be expected by housekeeping staff? How much is an appropriate tip? What other hotel staff should be tipped? I sent out a tweet to have others weigh in on the conversation…

The Sterling Traveler says he tips if the room is beyond an ordinary mess or if staying longer than several days.

Kevin, from Economy Class & Beyond, says he thinks that his perspective can be guessed coming from the old countries (UK).

Simon, from Running for Status, writes that he thinks we should but often forgets. His wife reminds him.

Aaron, The Flying Consultant, says he tips when the staff goes above and beyond for some reason.

I only regularly tip the bellman if they deliver a bag to my room or hold my bags for part of the day, and valets on the rare occasion that I valet my car. Usually when I’m staying in hotels I am only there for 1-3 nights, and often times I just leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign on my door, so I don’t usually tip the housekeeping staff. Even if I did have the housekeeping staff refresh my room every day, that in and of itself does not entitle them to a tip, in my opinion. I tip for exceptional service, not simply for someone doing their job.

What do you think about tipping at hotels? Do you do it?