Back in September I decided to do the Hyatt Diamond Challenge. I had some stays coming up that I thought were going to be at Hyatts, and Diamond status would be a nice thing to have. I also realized that by planning some other stays carefully I might even be able to complete the challenge with few or no mattress runs. As it turns out, I did have to mattress run two of the twelve nights of the challenge, but that really wasn’t a huge deal to me, since the cost of that night ended up being just over $100 and 3,600 points [net].

Some nights I was traveling with friends, so I was able to split the cash part of the cost, and that was a nice way to keep my costs a little lower. I also was able to reimburse about 25% of the total dollar costs on my Barclay Arrival Card, so my costs were really even lower than what is displayed below. And my first two nights were at an art show I was exhibiting my photography at… so the cost of that stay will be deductible on my taxes. Granted, a lot of these stays were not the cheapest possible, but considering that 10 of the 12 nights I actually needed to stay in a hotel, it is a pretty practical look at the costs of the challenge.

Here are the practical costs of a Hyatt Diamond Challenge.

Nights Hotel Dollar Cost Points Cost Points Earned Points Net Notes
2 Hyatt Place Detroit/Auburn Hills $282.52 4427 4427 Tax Deductable (Work)
1 Hyatt House Miami Airport $58.31 2421 2421 Split Cost ($116.61)
1 Hyatt Regency McCormick Place $25.00 6000 4046 -1954 Split Cost ($50)
1 Park Hyatt Toronto $74.59 7500 2798 -4702 Split Cost ($149.18)
2 Grand Hyatt Seoul $116.25 15000 3262 -11738 Split Cost ($232.49)
2 Hyatt Place Detroit/Novi $109.50 5000 1400 -3600 Mattress Run
3 Hyatt Place Chicago/Itasca 237.09 1388 1388 Chicago Seminars
12 Total $903.25 33500 19742 -13758