A few weeks ago I went to South Korea. While I was there I was able to do some pretty awesome things like visit a Jjimjilbang with some friends and eat a ton of awesome food.This trip was all made possible due to an incredibly cheap airfare I was able to book a few months ago. It was less than $420! Yes, there was a catch, it was out of Toronto… and I live in the states. Luckily, it only cost me 9,000 British Airways Avios to get myself to Toronto. The flight flew through Detroit, my home airport, both directions, so I just didn’t get on my last flight on the way back home.

Here are the costs of spending a little over a week in South Korea!

8 Days, 7 Nights
Acvitivies $119.72
Airfare $417.31 9,000 Avios
Food/Drink $91.19
Hotel $217.03 22,500 Hyatt Points
Transport $123.48
Total $968.72 9K Avios, 22.5K Hyatt
Cost per Day $121.09

Even with such a low cost, we didn’t skimp on our trip. We went to some UNESCO World Heritage Sites near Seoul, ate well, stayed in nice hotels, and took the train to Daegu to stay there for a day.

Remember, its possible to see and do a lot when you travel without spending a lot!