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I love having my nails painted, but unfortunately it always seems like I can only keep them looking nice for about a day… and that’s when I’m not traveling. Recently, my friend introduced me to Jamberry Nails, and after trying them once I was hooked. Basically, they’re nail stickers. You heat them up, stick them on, and press them down… and in my experience they last for 2-3 weeks on my hands, and 5+ weeks on my feet! It’s the perfect solution!

Not to mention, there are so many great designs…

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There are tons of other great benefits about Jamberry Nails too…

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Each sheet costs $15, and it’s always Buy 3 Get 1 Free. Each sheet can do 2 manicures and anywhere from 2-4 pedicures depending on how good you are at saving the pieces. ]Jamberry post 2


Disclaimer: I am a Jamberry consultant, and I do receive a commission if you purchase from me, but I don’t recommend products that I don’t like and use, so you have my full endorsement of the product even if you decide to find another consultant!

See, I’m even wearing them right now! This photo was taken yesterday, and those nail stickers have been on for over a week at this point. (And yes, I’m modeling with my passport.)

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