The Cost of Nine Days in the Pacific Northwest

Activities $49.00
Climbing Gear $55.41
Campsites $20.00
Drinks $30.78
Flights $7.50 + 25,000 Flying Blue Miles
Food $141.32
Gas $63.68
Seattle Sessions $100.00
Random Stuff $7.09
Transport $144.50
Total $612.28 + 25,000 Flying Blue Miles
Cost Per Day $68.03

The Activities of Nine Days in the Pacific Northwest

First off was the original order of business as to why I was in Seattle… The First2Board Seattle Sessions! The sessions were a ton of fun; I was able to catch up with some old friends, and make some new ones. Next year’s sessions are going to be in Phoenix, AZ (and I already have my ticket). If you are interested in attending, you can find more information here. Oh, and I must say… the Boeing Plant tour was FREAKING AWESOME.

A friend from home who is into points and miles joined me in Seattle, and since neither of us had ever been to Washington before we decided we should spend the week doing some exploring! First, we headed over to Mt. Rainier, and climbed to Camp Muir at about 10,200 feet. It was absolutely beautiful.


Following that intense hike, it was obviously a good idea to head over to Olympic National Park for some more intense hiking! We camped at Staircase, on the south side of the park, for 2 nights. The hike that we chose was to Flapjack Lakes, a 16-mile round trip hike. The lakes were totally worth the effort though.


My friend was heading home a couple days before me, so from that point we headed back to the airport, but we took a leisurely full-day drive and stopped at some cool places, like a shellfish farm where we had seriously some of the best oysters I have ever tasted (and they were HUGE).


Last, but not least, was helping out the the 4K for Cancer’s final day of riding after their cross-country bike ride from Baltimore, MD. I did the ride last year from Baltimore to San Francisco, so it was really cool to spend the night with all the riders and drive the support van for them on their last day after riding over 4,000 miles to support young adults affected by cancer.


Note: My photography can be viewed here.