Looking back on the year, I was curious to see what my top posts of 2013 were… so here they are again!


1. Changes in Chase Reconsideration Policies?

2. A New Reason to Join Amazon Prime?

3. Chase Closed my Savings Account with No Notice! 

4. Fall 2013 Credit Card Strategy and Results

5. Guide to Booking Southwest Standard Awards by Transferring A+ Credits

6. So You Have A Lot of Credit Cards

7. FTUdc Changed my Life and Now I’m Part of the F2B Family!

8. Plans for my First Mattress Run! Taking Advantage of Marriott’s Unexpected Bonus

9. The ‘Hang Up and Call Back’ Rule Succeeds Again!

And an honorable mention…. Unlock Hidden Flying Blue Award Availability, which I wrote relatively recently but has been getting quite a few google searches (but not enough to be in the top 10!)