Joguru is a new travel webapp that creates personalized travel itineraries in minutes!


The webapp claims to have daily plans for over 600 cities around the world. Once you choose the city you are going to, you will find several itineraries, usually planned by someone who lives there or who has been there before. You can easily customize the itinerary to your liking. Additionally, each attraction contains information about transport, hours, and places to eat nearby. Once you are finished planning the activities for the day, you can ask the program to optimize the day — which as far as I can tell it does based on location but not hours! If you take a look at my example below, note that the first attraction does not open until 11 am, but when I optimized the itinerary it has me going there at 9 am (my start time). Be careful of this!


Here is a sample that I quickly threw together of some things I am interested in seeing in Copenhagen when I am there in March (sorry it is so small, you can see it bigger here):

Copenhagen Recommended Itinerary