Most of you have probably already heard about the ‘hang up and call back’ rule… but as a refresher: When you are talking to a representative for a hotel or airline (or any) program, and you ask them to do something for you and they say that they can’t, for whatever reason, do not take that as the final word! Do not get frustrated! All you need to do is hang up (nicely), and call back!


I personally haven’t needed to use this method many times, but I did today! I recently completed my three paid stays with Kimpton after status matching, and wanted to book some of the free nights I have as an Inner Circle Member. I have plans to be in three of the cities that have eligible hotels before the end of the year. I called to book a night at the Donovan House in DC, RiverPlace in Portland, and Hotel Monaco in Philly. RiverPlace and Monaco both had availibility on the first go – so I was set there… but I was told there was no availability at the Donovan House the night I was going to be in DC! I had noticed over the past couple weeks that DC hotels had often had last minute rates – which only happens when the hotel is not sold out – so I made a mental note to get online when I got home and check room availability for the night I was hoping to stay. When I did that, there was a standard queen room available (which I hope will be upgraded! I’m 3 for 3 on suite upgrades so far… more on that in the coming days!). I called Kimpton back and the representative I talked to was able to make my reservation for me! Perfect!


I am very much looking forward to my ‘free’ nights 🙂


Don’t forget: just hang up, and call back.