really like tracking all of the places I’ve been. I do it online and with a magnetic map hanging up in my office. Even more than tracking where I’ve been though, I like to see how I got there.

Currently, I use two different apps to track my flights. Initially, I was only using FlightMemory is great because you can enter a lot of data about your flights. In addition to airport codes, you can enter information such as what airlines you fly on, flight numbers and times, airport and aircraft ratings, and more. FlightMemory will keep track of this all for you in a table that you can search through. It also will display all of your flights on a map for you (which I love) along with statistics including your total flight distances, times, and various other statistics.


I have entered in as many flights from my childhood as I could remember.. it’s probably pretty close. On one of my flight during the month of August (likely DFW – BNE) I passed the 100,000 mile mark! That’s not much compared to some of the big-timers out there, but everyone has to start somewhere! Since then, I have already flown almost 13,000 more miles, and I have approximately 25,000 more miles to fly yet this year (booked).


The other app that I recently started using is called Jet Lovers. Jet Lovers does a lot less in terms of keeping track of statistics, but the thing that I totally love is that I don’t have to enter everything manually! Jet Lovers can be hooked up with twitter, facebook, and foursquare and automatically track flights that way! There are also different levels that can be obtained by flying more (yay for gamification!). It is possible to manually enter flights, but there are limitations. You can’t enter more flights manually than have been entered automatically. Partially for this reason, and partially because I’m too lazy, I haven’t entered all of my previous flights into Jet Lovers and I probably never will. I did enter the few ‘significant’ flights that I have taken in my life before my days on Foursquare. (Fyi – my Jet Lovers profile contains 55,399 miles of the flights that I have flown)

Jetlovers map


It is my intention to continue using both services because I really like them both for different reasons. Are there any better services that I am missing out on?