I know that airline travel is the preference for many people involved in the points and miles hobby, but I personally love to fly to a new place, rent a car, and go exploring! Usually this consists of some research ahead of time, so I am generally heading in the direction of things that I want to see, but I often will pull off or change my route to see something that I think will be cool along the way. Doing research of this nature usually begins with google-ing ‘cool things to see/do in [insert location here].’ The result list is really long, and usually include a lot of duplicates, and a lot of junk, with no great way to filter though it.

Well, RoadTrippers to the rescue! RoadTrippers allows you to enter in your starting point and destination, and it will point out local attractions, accommodation, entertainment, food and drink, history, nature, and shopping that is along or near your route. You can select sub-categories within each of the categories as well, and indicate the distance from route that you want to have searched! RoadTrippers will also tell you total mileage, time spent driving, and amount spent on gas for your road trip.

Unfortunately, at this time (as far as I can tell) there is only support for road trips in the US. Hopefully at some point the app is expanded to include information on things to do in other countries, and it will become a lot more valuable in my book, but it is well on its way to being a very useful tool for anyone who does any amount of driving in their travels!

Currently, there is an iPhone app available, so trips can be synced between computer and phone. I also hope that there is an app in development for us android lovers.