My dad was interested in coming to visit me and the rest of the 4K for Cancer crew while we were in Colorado, since he could multi-task and see some family in the Denver area at the same time. My mom located an ok-priced fare (on spirit) from Detroit to Denver so that he was able to do that, and I was asked to find a hotel for him, like I did last time when he stayed at the Holiday Inn Knoxville.

We were still a little south of Denver, so he rented a car and drove down to Pueblo, CO, one of the towns we were staying in during his long weekend here. I put him up in the Holiday Inn Express Pueblo North.

I’d say it was a pretty standard Holiday Inn Express. Clean rooms, good breakfast (man, I love those cinnamon rolls!), a pretty nice looking hot-tub, pool, and gym. The staff I interacted with were all very pleasant. I would consider staying here again, if I ever find myself back in Pueblo. I snapped a few photos while I was there for your viewing pleasure.


Lobby and Breakfast Areas

DSCN0305  DSCN0304




Pool and Hot-Tub

DSCN0302  DSCN0301



Room and Bathroom

DSCN0297  DSCN0295

DSCN0299   DSCN0298