I couldn’t be more excited to have joined the First2Board family! At FTU DC, I had the pleasure of meeting The Deal Mommy and Indulge the Wanderlust, and never in a million years would I have guessed that less than a month later I would be blogging with them! …this could be partially because I didn’t even know I was going to blog at all at that point in time. My “experience” blogging is limited to when I went abroad for the first time by myself [Europe] and I blogged everyday to let me parents know I was still alive (they worry, it’s their job).

Not only did I meet a bunch of great people at FTU, but I met a lot of people who understand what makes me tick — other points and miles enthusiasts who love to travel as much as I do, if not even more. That’s something I’ve never felt before. Even though I have been enthralled with this hobby for the past 18 months or so, having people to share it with is that much better. (My ‘regular’ friends think I’m weird/crazy/sleep-deprived when I call them in the middle of the night talking about a good fare.) Shortly after arriving home, I decided that I wanted to share this passion with others, because if it wasn’t for the boardingarea blogs (and a few others) that I came across when I was researching travel to Costa Rica, I never would have known what I was missing… or it would have at least taken me longer.

Many hours were spent brainstorming a name for this blog and many friends were consulted (thank you to all who helped!). Shortly thereafter, Point Princess was born (and her evil twin Mile Slut — keep a lookout!).  Last week was a pretty fantastic week, I posted my first post, had 50 unique visitors in one day, and was invited to join First2Board! I don’t know if another week will be able to top that, but I will certainly try!

I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this community, and I hope that I can help others discover the joys of points and miles too 🙂