I’m going to be a ski bum for two months this winter. I love to ski and try to make it out to Colorado to ski with my cousin at least once per year, but after having a great time skiing last year during two separate trips and upgrading my ski boots I decided that I wanted to get a little more time in on the slopes in 2016.

Originally I had been planning to drive out to Colorado at the end of January (this coming weekend to be exact) but a class trip came up for my MBA so I decided to postpone heading out to Colorado for a month.

In anticipation of a lot of skiing, I decided to get the Epic Local Pass because it includes a host of resorts in Colorado and a few in other states as well. One of the other “mountains” that is included is Mt. Brighton in Michigan. Mt. Brighton is only a 25 minute drive away from where I live, so I thought I could get some skiing in before I head out to CO, even if just to get back into the swing of things.

Well, it hasn’t snowed too much in Michigan this winter so doing a bit of skiing at Mt. Brighton hasn’t worked out so far, but there are still a few weeks before I head out to Colorado so maybe I will still get a chance. If not, well, that’s fine too.

When I’m in Colorado I will be hopping around to the different mountains as the snow conditions allow (both on and off the mountain). I’ll mainly be skiing Monday – Thursday so that I can avoid the crowds on the weekends. Luckily, I do flexible work that not only allows me to travel but also allows me to adjust my work schedule.

I will be looking to do a combination of staying with friends, CouchSurfing, Airbnbing, and even a few hotel stays mixed in there. The overall goal will be to keep costs low as I will still be paying for my apartment back in Michigan. This will also mean a lot of PB&J sandwiches and ramen. I’ll take my electric water kettle with me so that ramen is a possibility!

I’ll be writing a lot of posts about how I am spending my time in Colorado and whether it is a sustainable thing to do from a cost perspective in future years. If it is, I sure would love to go out west every year for one to three months!

If anyone has plans to come out to Colorado in March or April to ski, let me know! I am always up for a ski meet up! 🙂

Does being a ski bum sound like fun to you?