Written by Sandra Lupini

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Warm Winter Wanderings

One might say the programming for a warm winter began as a child when our family flew from DTW to Florida to stay with the grandparents in Boca Raton for Christmas. These were the days when all classes of flying were FIRST class. Tray tables covered with linen, glasses made of GLASS, and the silverware, including a knife, metal. People dressed up because traveling was an event with coiffed women carrying cosmetic bags and sleek suited men. Elite adult travel. Many things have changed over the years, but one thing remains the same, call it a quest to escape the lengthy, frigid, darkness of winter.

This search for warmth continued with a Senior Class trip to Nassau/Paradise Island, Bahamas. The fine white sand beaches meeting up with the turquoise azure waters made a lasting impression on young minds. An experience replicated with BTCs (Best Traveling Companions) during the college years to places like the Florida Keys, Freeport Bahamas, and the lesser known Abaco. Abaco, an island archipelago 180 miles east of Florida, became a frequent destination. Treasure Cay’s airport could only serve prop planes at that time, a perfectly remote spot featuring a fine resort, excellent marina facilities, an 18-hole golf course, tennis, and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Winter Getaways

The blueprint for warm winters took on more detail during the post-college decades with corporate travel that included Scottsdale, Las Vegas, LA, New Orleans, and Hawaii. These trips certainly made tending to business more enjoyable. In addition to higher temperatures, they all have their own unique attractions, such as, hot air ballooning, shows, festivals, and deep water fishing.

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A March honeymoon cruise sailed the West Indies from San Juan to Barbados. Over the years the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Mexico were add-ons to the winter retreat list. In addition, there are all the spots along Florida’s Gulf Coat from Pensacola to Marco Island. Current travel plans focus on Cuba before the tourist industry takes over the island. Si!

I can’t say I’ve ever met a bad warm weather destination. There’s something about rolling the windows down and feeling that tropical breeze on your face, the same breeze that plays with the palm trees, that just can’t be beat. Plan your break now as the hands of winter will soon be upon us.

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