Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed some strange credit card activity — all on Chase cards. It’s nothing that I’ve caught, Chase caught it all for me, but with the increasing amount of strange activity, I think it’s time to bring this potential issue out into the open.

Here are the details on my cards that have seen suspicious activity recently.

  1. Chase Ink, May 7, 2015, $65.95 at NSB.no
    • This card is only used at office supply stores and to pay my cable/internet bill with Comcast
  2. Chase Amtrak, May 18, 2015, $48.26 at allposters.com
    • This card has been used for one transaction at a mall to complete the minimum spending requirement
  3. Chase IHG, May 24, 2015, $1.46 at Fazendola
    • This card has been sock-drawered for quite some time.

When calling in to discuss the first two fraud alerts with Chase, I asked them if there had been any website security issues recently, and they were not forthcoming about anything. At the time, I thought that unlikely to be true, but now with a third fraud alert in just over two weeks it is past being a possible coincidence.

There was a large Chase data hack late last year (Lifehacker, October 3, 2014), but apparently only names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses were compromised. Account numbers, passwords, SSNs, usernames, and birthdays had not been stolen. Given this to this to be true, it is likely that something else has happened more recently.

I had chatted with Kathy, who writes Will Run for Miles, on Twitter earlier this week because she had mentioned a fraud alert and I wanted to know which cards. She had her Chase Freedom card compromised as well as her Barclay Arrival. I reached out to her again this morning to see if she had any updates, and she had not had any more cards compromised, nor had she gotten any information from Chase when she called in to talk to them. (See her post: Are Credit Card CyberAttacks on the Rise?)

A few other people had seen our exchange and chimed in…

MilesAbound (@MilesAbound) said that there were invalid charges on a Chase Southwest card that he had had sock-drawered.

Gary Rind (@garyrind) said that his Chase Ritz-Carlton card got hit last week.

IndulgeTheWanderlust (@JeffTheWanderer) had fraudulent charges on his IHG card this week. It hadn’t been used in many months.

I smell something fishy going on. Anyone with Chase cards should definitely take a look to see if there have been any unauthorized charges in the past few weeks (months?), and please comment here if you have had any! I would love to get a statement from Chase with what might be going on… because it’s clearly not nothing.