I was pretty excited to be doing a credit card churn on a plane somewhere over the atlantic… oh, the novelty!

This credit card churn was a little bit premature, but I was very keen to get the Chase Amtrak card, which had all of a sudden disappeared from Chase’s website. Doctor of Credit posted a couple working links to the application. This card was initially pending, but was approved almost two weeks after applying without calling in. The signup bonus for this card was only 12,000 Amtrak points, though I have heard reports of people sending a direct message to Chase and having them match a recent 18,000 point offer. There is no annual fee on this card.

I also applied for a Chase Ink business card, but as of now that card is still pending, I’m not overly optimistic of it being approved at this point, but that’s okay. 

I always add the Alaska Airlines cards to my applications. Usually I just apply for the personal card, but in this case I applied for both the personal and business card. The personal card was immediately approved, while the business card was initially pending. The business card was approved about a week later without calling in. For these two Alaska Airlines cards issued through Bank of America, I will earn 50,000 Alaska Miles + $100 for a total of $150. 

I had also had plans to apply for the American Express SPG Personal card and the Citi Thank-You Premier card, but the internet started acting up a bit and I decided to finish my applications on the ground. Fast-forward a few hours when I got off my 14-hour flight, had to change terminals at ORD, and wanted to grab a bite to eat, flew to New York, took a taxi downtown, and then caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in almost 4-years, and, no surprise here, I forgot to finish my credit card churn. 

On one hand, kind of a bummer, and definitely a n00b move, but on the other, the Amtrak card was really what I was going after in this application cycle, and that card was approved. So all in all, I can’t be too upset about the turn in events!