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Headed somewhere warm?

Many people struggle with figuring out what to pack on a tropical vacation, let alone anywhere. If you are like me, I over pack even if it is an overnight trip! Reducing space in your luggage can be a headache when you max out your weight limit. Figuring out ways to save room in your luggage will save you time and money. Usually on a tropical vacation most the time is spent at the beach (well it is for me!), so packing excessive amounts of clothing is unnecessary. Because whether you admit it or not, half the clothes are never even worn!

I have noticed when I pack for vacation, shorts are what take up most my space. I found that picking just one or two pairs could still make endless outfits! I picked my favorite pair of jean shorts and laid them out with different outfit ideas. Taking photos of your outfits laid out can also help while you are on vacation. Sometimes I’ll find myself throwing items into my suitcase and thinking I’ll be able to make an outfit work once I get there, however, I seem to always regret not preparing. Having some outfit ideas already planned and packed can make it easy to find the items and get ready much faster. Weather you are headed to the beach, out to dinner, or going shopping, one pair of shorts can make for never-ending outfit possibilities and is definitely suitcase friendly!






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