The Travel Education Network is a new venture founded by Ari Charlestein of Award Magic and Howie Rappaport of Frugal Travel Guy. They’ve hand-selected a few expert travelers and motivational speakers, including your’s truly, Angelina, and John, who will all travel around the country week to week to teach you how to travel more while paying less.

This is not geared toward you points and miles enthusiasts, but rather toward your friends and family that are interested in traveling more, but you just don’t have the time to get them up to speed and keep them up to date. The Travel Education Network will provide the foundation so that they are able to earn enough miles for their first few trips and then continue to learn on their own.

The first three cities we will hold classes in are Atlanta (#TENATL), Phoenix (#TENPHX), and Miami (#TENMIA), though we have plans to be in over 20 more cities by the end of 2015. Classes will run on Saturday and Sunday, with the morning being TEN101: Earning [Miles/Points] and the afternoons being TEN201: Burning [Miles/Points]. Saturday and Sunday will be the same classes – so no need to sign up for both days! You also have the option to sign up for just TEN101 or TEN201, though a 20% discount will apply if you book both. Additionally, a 10% discount will apply if you book more than 30 days in advance.

It’s a pretty great deal and you should see at least 10x return on your investment within a year of taking the class!

Looking forward to seeing some of you in class!