I planned a pretty crazy set of trips because of a mistake fare that came up a few months ago, and over Thanksgiving I embarked on the first half of the trip. It involved spending about 10 days in Europe, starting in Italy, and going to Slovenia before heading to Copenhagen and then home. I was traveling with friends in Italy, so that helped with the cost of hotels; we each booked one night.

I was pretty excited for my night because we stayed at the Park Hyatt Milan on a certificate from the Hyatt credit card. We then rented a car and spent the next two days driving around to Genova and then down the coast towards Pisa stopping in Cinque Terre. It ended up being a pretty crazy day of driving, but that’s a story for another time. The tolls on the highways were pretty expensive, so that increased out transportation cost by quite a bit.

My friends left on my birthday, so I headed on to Slovenia by myself. I spent 2 nights at a hostel in Ljubljana, and then flew from LJU to Copenhagen were I spent my final 3 nights in Europe (for this trip!) at an airbnb.

I have to note, I think it’s pretty funny that my flight from New York to Milan (~$75) cost less than my flight from Ljubljana to Copenhagen (~$80)!

Cash expenses included food, tolls, transportation costs, postcards, stamps, and any other random things that were more convenient to pay for with cash.

Europe Costs – 10 Days

Category Cost
Airfare $347.04 4,500 Avios
Accomodations $139.00  1 Hyatt Reward Certificate
Activities $7.00
Food/Drinks $36.93
Transportation $117.67
Cash (Misc.) $150.00
Total Cost $797.65 4,500 Avios + 1 Hyatt Reward Certificate
Cost Per Day $79.76  (10 days)