I spent a long weekend in San Diego, including a short jaunt down to Tijuana. The main purpose of the trip was to get a couple of stay credits in with Kimpton so that I can maintain my Inner Circle status for next year. I was in San Diego for four nights, but only paid for two because I stayed with a friend for the other two. Even considering that, it was still a more expensive trip than normal for me, but I love me some Kimpton Inner Circle status so I couldn’t resist. The food cost was also a bit higher than normal because I found a place that sounded really good (and it was!) but it was in a higher price range than my typical meal. Check out Allure if you’re looking for some good tapas-type eats while in San Diego.

In honor of my trip cost transparency, here it is…

A Long Weekend in San Diego: Costs

Category Cost Points/Miles Cost
Activities $38.00
Food $181.11
Flight $11.20 25,000 AA Miles
Hotels $357.99
Transportation $27.10
Other $5.00
Total $620.40 25,000 AA Miles
Total Per Day $155.10  (4 days)

I’ll be reimbursing most of the cost of the hotels with my Barclay Arrival card for a total of 35,000 Barclay Arrival points, which will bring the cost of the weekend down to a respectable $270.40 and 25,000 AA Miles. This will make the total cost per day $67.60, which is pretty close to what I aim for when traveling in the US and Europe. Success.