Travel blogging ain’t all it’s cracked up to be… at least if you’re not one of the big names, like Gary Leff, The Points Guy, or Lucky (well, maybe it’s not for them either, you’d have to ask).

This week has shown me that it is especially challenging doing it on a full time basis. Since I am featured on Boarding Area this week, I wanted to post as much as possible in order to share some of my stories with more people than I am usually able to reach.

This week has shown me, again, that I write for myself. That’s the only reason that it makes sense for me to keep doing it! Other than as a hobby, it’s really not worth my time. It doesn’t pay well and it is hard to come up with unique content on a relatively frequent basis! And sometimes posts that I know I should write, I just don’t feel like writing! Not to mention, that I often find that the posts I get really excited about, like in November of last year when I found a way to unlock additional Flying Blue award availability, are not the same posts that excite many of my readers. And that’s ok!

Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy writing, I’m going to keep writing; I’m going to keep sharing deals and my experiences while traveling. And I’m definitely going to keep traveling! That’s the part of this that really gets me excited, the travel. The points and miles are just a vehicle to help me get to that new city or country that I haven’t visited yet, or go back to one that I have visited and loved.

Because the travel is what really motivates me to be involved in the points and miles game, I have been trying to focus on writing more about travel. I made this decision back in May when I was talking about my blog to a new travel friend, Marissa, who writes The Tiny Pilgrim. When I told her the name of my blog, she initially thought it was about traveling from point to point around the world. And that’s really what it is about. And about how points and miles help me do that. I am aiming to make Point Princess more of a travel blog, and less of a points and miles blog.